Seymour Glass Interview

I knew I didn’t want the Bananafish reviews to explain the context or significance, or to describe what something sounds like, or to serve as a buyer’s guide. Any of the above might be a side effect, but it was more important to me to be worth reading more than once instead of churning out disposable cultural mediation.

bananafish-zineTower Magazines’ head buyer, Doug Biggert, used to import magazines via the department where I worked, and one day he stopped by and told me I should check out Bananafish.

It was a domestic magazine, but to me it seemed sourced from another planet. I’d read the record reviews and suddenly feel like I was coming on to a hit of acid.

In my world, that was high praise.

It still is.

If you’ve got the time, Decoder has the backstory.

And Tedium House has the back issues.