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More about me, me, me: I’ve been working in music retail and wholesale — buying, writing and selling — since 1980. This does not necessarily make me a smart person, I know. Among my hobbies are vinyl, computer audio, high-fidelity audio equipment, and Macintosh futzing, plus digital photography, cat herding, DIY landscaping and trying to keep orchids and tropical plants alive. I live in the eastern realm of the San Francisco Bay area with my girlfriend Kate, our cat Punker, and far too many external hard drives, LPs, CDs and plants. I work full-time for an independent music distributor. I buy and sell music on Discogs. Occasionally I contribute to PS Tracks. About this site: I will be obsessing over the minutiae of LPs – mastering quality, surface noise, packaging…and sometimes — are you sitting down? — even the music. Despite the title of this blog, I occasionally list links to MP3s, AACs and streaming media. I would always prefer to link to high-resolution digital files (he said, his nose in the air) but these formats are, unfortunately, not always available for recordings I love. I figure the most important thing is to share information about music that appeals to me and get the word out, rather than proselytize and evangelize (not that I won’t still do those things, mind you). I try not to get too hung up on transcribing artist’s biographical info into blog posts; I’ve seen far too many onesheet regurgitations from the music press over the past 30 years to want to participate in that kind of monotony. If you need additional historical background on an artist, there’s always the internet, right? Regarding “buy” links: I urge you, discerning consumer, to please buy as directly from the artist as you can. For this reason I’ll only post Amazon links as a last resort. Giving your money to the top of the music food chain doesn’t always mean that your hard-earned nickels and dimes are going to drop down through the gears of the machine to the source of the music you love, mixed-metaphorically speaking. A portion of a few dollars for, say a A Wizard/A True Star CD on Amazon isn’t necessarily going to mean even 25 cents for Todd Rundgren. I suppose myself and my music-biz and creative brethren should just be content to have music lovers pay ANY money at all for recordings, but please remember that your dollar (or quarter. or dime. or nickel) is a vote. Consider the concept of buying direct from an artist analogous to buying locally-grown fresh food. It matters. —————————————————————————————————————————- Labels/artists: I like to review recordings sent to me when I feel they fit in with the general spirit of my blog. I tend towards the modern classical/electronic/Americana portions of the genre spectrum, but I’ve been known to be open-minded about other pigeonholes, as well. I can be reached at paul at limahuli dot net. Thanks!

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Seymour Glass Interview

I knew I didn’t want the Bananafish reviews to explain the context or significance, or to describe what something sounds like, or to serve as a buyer’s guide. Any of the above might be a side effect, but it was more important to me to be worth reading more than once instead of churning out …

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Vinyl Hit and Run

Some recent purchases: The Durutti Column The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory Benelux LP) The original 1980 Factory UK label edition of this LP was packaged in a sandpaper cover. Some things work so much better in concept than execution, especially when we’re talking Factory sleeve design — the jacket was very unfriendly to …

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Janet Feder review on Part-Time Audiophile

My favorite recording this year was Janet Feder’s T H I S C L O S E. Read all about it on Part-Time Audiophile. “I’ve heard this album on LP, CD, FLAC and DSD, and listened to the transcoded MP3s on an iPad. I’ve played the CD on repeat in my truck’s trusty mid-fi Rockford …

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Favorites of 2015

recorded: Janet Feder T H I S C L O S E (self-released / Bandcamp) LP Jasmine Gufford Yellow Bell (Sonic Pieces, Germany) CD Max Richter Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon, US) FLAC Steve Hauschildt Where All Is Fled (Kranky, US) LP Loscil Adrift (self-released) app Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie Travels in Constants Vol 24 (self-released / Bandcamp) …

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Recent Vinyl Intake

Angelo Badalamenti ‎Blue Velvet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Varèse Sarabande US – Newbury Comics blue vinyl reissue) Robbie Basho Visions Of The Country (Gnome Life Records US reissue) Robbie Basho Art Of The Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12 (Gnome Life Records US reissue) Christopher Bissonnette Essays In Idleness (Kranky US) Tom Carter Long …

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Kate Burkart “Save Me A Seat”

My girlfriend’s new EP went on sale last Friday. She began recording this awhile back, and since then she’s been dealing with a lot of things: a chronic myelogenous leukemia diagnosis, changing jobs, helping her son through college, and…being my girlfriend (never an easy job). Anyway, this one’s been a long time in the making, …

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Don Joyce (February 9, 1944 – July 22, 2015)

Don Joyce died last week. He was 71. In 1980 I visited the then-nascent Greenworld Imports in Torrance, CA. I was working music retail, and dropped by Greenworld to pick an order for the Music Plus Long Beach location, where I was a buyer. Greenworld was making a go at competing with east-coast monolith Jem …

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94 degrees and 40% humidity

Yes, it’s a good day to stay inside.

Geek Pulse DAC – Little or No QA or QC?

After shipping it back to LH Labs last week, I heard back about my Geek Pulse X DAC today: Repair Technician Comments: Resistors have been added for proper boot-up Verified Main and MCU are both up to date Passes all tests including AP test and listening test Resistors, after all, not really being optional. Or …

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Recent Vinyl Intake

801 801 Live (Polydor Japan LP – used) Arovane Ve Palor (n5MD US 2xLP) Sibylle Baier Colour Green (Orange Twin/American Dust LP) Biosphere Microgravity (Biophon Norway 3xLP reissue) F.S. Blumm Lichten (Audio Dregs US LP) Harold Budd Bandits Of Stature (Darla US LP) The Durutti Column The Return Of The Durutti Column (Factory Benelux LP …

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